When you finish a job, it’s not always possible for the client to pay there and then. They might not have enough cash with them, or they might not feel comfortable making use of your mobile to pay. Using the Smart Dashboard, eliminate all of these problems! Just call them when you’re back at the office to take payment.

Get paid in just a few steps

Just log in to the Smart Dashboard and click on the orange ‘Take Payment Now’ button on any screen.


Then, start typing in what the payment’s for, and if it’s for a preexisting job you can select it from the menu when it appears.


Once you’ve chosen or keyed in the work, you’ll need to enter the amount of the payment. Then simply click ‘Continue’.

Call the client to complete the transaction

All that’s remaining is to select the Card Payment option and call the client to ask them for their credit card details. All you need is the long card number over the front, the expiry date and the security code, or CVC, on the back. If there is an issue with the credit card, you will notice immediately as you will see a red cross. Then just click ‘Process Payment’ and you’ve been paid! In seven days you’ll see the cash in your bank account.

Check your QPro account to learn how to use all the other features of your Smart Account – just go directly to the Tutorials tab.