NAPIT registered installers can now benefit from the Keep Busy Scheme, which is a package of tools and services to help them improve their business and grow their reputation. The scheme was launched by top lead provider and marketing service Quotatis, and is available for an affordable monthly fee.

One part of the package of tools is the Smart Dashboard, which allows members to send paperless invoices to their customers in just a few clicks. It’s really easy to send an invoice and it only takes a few seconds.

In the Smart Dashboard, all you have to do is click on the job you want to raise an invoice for and click on ‘Create an Invoice’. Then, click ‘Add a Cost’ to add all the material and labour costs. When you’ve finished, just click ‘Send Invoice’ and the invoice will be sent straight to the customer’s email address.



Paylinks – the easy way to collect money

Paylinks are links within the email invoice that the customer can click on and enter their card details in a secure form. You can set Paylinks up from within your account on the Smart Dashboard or the Smart App.

If your customer doesn’t want to pay via Paylink, you could call them and take their payment over the phone using the Smart Dashboard, or take a card payment from them on site with the Smart App.

There are step-by-step tutorial videos available for every aspect of the NAPIT Keep Busy Smart Account. Just log in to your account and click on the ‘Tutorials’ tab on the left-hand side.

To find out more about the NAPIT Keep Busy Scheme, click here.