If you still rely on notebooks to remind yourself of things you must tell your customers, the Smart App and the Smart Dashboard can help. One of the best things about the Smart App and Smart Dashboard is that you can write notes about each job in a dedicated notes section, so all your information about the job is together.

On the Smart Dashboard, you can find the notes when you click on the job and click on ‘Add a Note’ under the Toolbox on the right. Then you can add as much as you need to remind yourself of the details of the job.

Add notes in just a few taps

On the app, just tap on the job then tap ‘Add a Note’ next to the Quote box.


Once you click or tap save, you can see it easily from the Job view. You can even display the note on the customer’s quote or invoice. The notes that will show in the customer’s invoice will have a green icon at the top of the note to indicate this.

Add as many notes as you want; just tap or click on ‘Notes’ and you can see them all. You can add, edit and delete your notes from this view.

Remember – all the notes you create on the Smart App or the Smart Dashboard will sync with the other, so you’ll always have them wherever you are. Even better than a notebook!

To find out how to use the other Smart features, login to your QPro account and click on ‘Tutorials’ on the bottom on the left-hand side.