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Keep Busy Get Seen

Get Seen

Get seen by more customers near you with Smart Profile and Smart Social.

The NAPIT Keep Busy Scheme helps you to get seen by more customers. 80% of customers expect businesses to have a social media presence, and 61% of customer research online before choosing a pro, making it all the more important that you get seen online.

Smart Profile

Reach more customers near you

Want to reach more customers?

Use your profile to win work and showcase your ratings. Smart Profile from Quotatis can help you get more visibility online. All we need is a description of your company, and we’ll do the rest to build you your very own company profile.

Once you’ve set up your profile, you can personalise it by adding your company logo via your Quotatis account. Your profile can even show the trade associations you’re a member of. All these features will help you to get more work – a full, up-to-date profile shows customers that you are the business they should choose.

Find out how the Smart Profile and other Keep Busy Scheme features can help you.

There are so many ways a Smart Profile can help you:

  • Showcase all your reviews in one place.
  • Instant online page for your business.
  • We’ve found that tradesmen with a full profile are 3 times more likely to win work.
Keep Busy Smart Profile

Smart Profile also shows your Smart Reviews. Potential customers can see how happy your past clients were, as well as a handy overall rating. The overall rating is made up of three specific areas that show how well you give quotes for your work.

Your profile page is sent to the customer every time you’re matched to a customer. We also ensure it appears in search engines such as Google to help increase your exposure.

Keep Busy Smart Social

A great feature of Smart Social is that you can display your great customer reviews on your Facebook page. After you’ve integrated your profile with your Quotatis Pro account, your reviews will show up on a separate tab. Then your new customers can easily see your great feedback without having to leave Facebook. Your overall score shows up on the tab too, so if your customers only have a spare minute they can still see how good your service is.

Smart Social

Use Smart Social to show your customers your great feedback in just a click

Today, social media is one of the best ways to let your customers know you’re a great pro.

80% of customers expect businesses to have a social media presence, and since it only takes a couple of clicks it couldn’t be easier. With Smart Social, you can increase your social presence and make it even easier for customers to see how great your business is.

See how you can get more customers with Smart Social:

  • Integrate your Twitter and Facebook with your Quotatis account in just a click.
  • Automated real-time posts every time you get a great review.
  • Display a review tab with all your great reviews on your Facebook profile.
Keep Busy Get Work

Get Work

Get work more easily with Smart Leads and Smart App

Open your business up to thousands of job leads in your area with Smart Leads and Smart App, powered by Quotatis.

We know that it’s important that you have a steady flow of work. That’s why NAPIT are working with Quotatis to offer NAPIT members access to a full range of business tools from Quotatis including Smart Leads and Smart App, to help you get more work without any added hassle.

Smart Leads

Get more sales easily with Smart Leads

Access your Smart Leads on your phone or on your PC. See full customer details, maps and directions. Call customers more quickly with alerts for new leads and send them quotes which they can accept online!

  • Full access to Smart Leads, so you can open yourself up to job leads near you.
  • Get organised – once you have called the customer, let the Smart App display what to do next.
  • See all the leads you have received or pick extra ones from within the app or on your Smart Dashboard.
  • Tailor your account so you get local customers.
Keep Busy Smart Leads

We will find the right package of customer enquiries for you. The NAPIT Keep Busy Account advisors are on hand to find you the best option, so call today or signup online.

If you want a steady flow of customer enquiries, let Smart Leads do the work for you.

Keep Busy Smart App

The Smart App helps you make the most of your Smart Leads and leaves you to do what you do best: provide excellent service to your customers.

Smart App

Get your office in your pocket with the Smart App

Your Smart Leads are delivered straight to the app helping you make sure you’re able to contact the customer as quickly as possible. Each lead contains full details sent to us by the consumer, as well as a map of the property and full contact details to help you get in touch.

SmartApp helps you to keep organised with handy reminders to call the lead. If you can’t get through to the customer the first time, the app will remind you to try again later.

How Smart App helps you to get work:

  • Beat the competition by offering on site card payments for completed jobs
  • Manage all of your Smart Leads from one central hub – add extra jobs to manage your full workload within the app
  • Pick extra leads available near you whenever you need them
  • Send quotes directly to customers via email. Customers can accept from their email and you’re instantly notified
Keep Busy Get Organised

Get Organised

Get organised with Quotatis Smart App and Smart Dashboard

Take the stress out of managing your customers with Quotatis Smart App and Smart Dashboard. No need for a lengthy paper trail to handle your jobs, now you can do it all from your mobile phone, tablet or desktop. Whether it’s managing your workload, sending quotes to consumers or making sure you’ve been paid for a job, the Smart App and Smart Dashboard can help you!

Smart App

Your office in your pocket helping you keep track of your payments wherever you are

The Quotatis Smart App is the new way to get organised and keep on top of your payments on the go. You can view your leads, customers and jobs all in one place, so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time doing work that pays.

Just download Smart App to your smartphone and get organised on the go. You can update jobs, add new customers or process payments and your changes are automatically reflected on your Smart Dashboard, so you can access the same information wherever you are.

Smart App helps you manage your processes all from one place. Send itemised quotes direct to the customer from the app, get notified when they accept your quote and take payments all from the office in your pocket…paperwork will be a thing of the past!

  • Send paperless quotes directly to customers through email – get instantly notified when they accept.
  • Send customers a Paylink so they can pay for your work online themselves.
  • Track all of your customers’ payments, whether they paid by cash, card or cheque.
Keep Busy Smart App

Get organised with the Smart App. Get your leads delivered to you instantly so you never miss a job and track all your paperwork and payments wherever you are.

Keep Busy Smart Dashboard

The Smart Dashboard allows you to spend more time doing what you do best: providing great service. The Smart Dashboard helps you keep organised with your payments, invoices and bookkeeping so you can carry on working to the high standards that your customers expect.

Smart Dashboard

Keep on top of your paperwork and get paid on time

Constantly chasing customers for money? With the Quotatis online Smart Dashboard, get paid and get organised with little effort, all in a few clicks.

View your leads and pick any available customer enquiries so you always have work without the fuss.

You can easily see how much you’ve earned and how much you’re owed without having to chase customers. All the information you need is stored in one place. All the customers that have paid you are listed in your payments section and you can see whether that payment has been deposited into your account. You can even take payments online via the Smart Dashboard; just call the customer and take a card payment over the phone.

  • See all the leads you have received and even pick a few more.
  • Send paperless quotes and invoices to your customers with just their email address.
  • Everything you do online will sync with the app, so you can keep track of your account wherever you are.
Keep Busy Get Paid

Get Paid

Get Paid on the move with Quotatis Smart App and Smart Dashboard.

Want to take card payments from your customers without the need for an external card reader or expensive merchant account? If so then the Quotatis Smart App and Smart Dashboard are the ideal tools for you!

Smart App

Take bullet fast card payments with just an app

The Quotatis Smart App is the new quick and easy way to take card payments from your customers. Now you can get paid on the job with just a few taps – no more chasing customers for money! You don’t need any additional hardware, and you don’t have to apply for an expensive merchant account.

Taking card payments isn’t the only way that Smart App helps you to get paid. We know that it’s not always possible for you to take payments from your customers at the end of the job. Smart App lets you send your customers a Paylink, which allows them to enter their card details themselves from a link in an email.

Track all your payments in Smart App, whether your customers paid by cash, card or cheque. There’s no need for paperwork – Smart App keeps a record of everything for you.

  • Take card payments from customers with just one bar of 3G.
  • Send customers a Paylink so they can complete the payment at home.
  • Payments take only 7 days to clear.
  • Everything you do on Smart App synchronises with the Smart Dashboard.
Keep Busy Smart App

Maximise your sales and make things easier for you and your customers with Smart App.

Keep Busy Smart Dashboard

Let Smart Dashboard help you get paid so you can spend more time giving great service to your customers.

Smart Dashboard

Get paid on time whether you’re on the job or in the office

The Quotatis Smart Dashboard helps you to get paid wherever you are. The Smart Dashboard works with the Smart App so everything you do on the Smart Dashboard appears on the app, so everything is in one place.

We know that sometimes customers won’t be there when you finish the work, so you can take card payments from your customers over the phone when they get home. Just call the customer and ask for their card details, and you can process the payment for them. It only takes a couple of clicks!

With Smart Dashboard you no longer have to worry about chasing customers, because you can clearly see how much you’ve earned and how much you’re owed. All the customers that have paid you are in your payments section and you can even see when that payment has been deposited into your account, which will only take 7 days. And because the Smart Dashboard syncs with the Smart App, you can keep track of your processes wherever you are.

  • Take card payments over the phone from customers.
  • Send customers a Paylink so they can pay online themselves.
  • Send email invoices for your customers to accept.
  • Keep track of your account in the office or on the job with the Smart App.