Recollect those times where you would have to chase your prospects to determine if they were pleased about your quote? Well, those times are over. Using the Smart App and Smart Dashboard, when a quote is sent by you the prospect receives an email with the details.


Send quotations online to eliminate disputes

Just go to your customer or lead on the Smart App or Smart Dashboard, and tap or click ‘Add a Quote’. Once you’ve added all the charges the prospect will incur, you can send it to them via email with their inbox. They shall receive an email with an attached PDF of the quote, plus they can click on the big blue ‘Accept Quote’ button to simply accept it. You are able to reduce disagreements this way as customers can’t argue that they didn’t accept the costs you quoted.

Wait for a notification

When the client has accepted your quote, you’ll get a notification on your Smart App and an email letting you know that your quote has been accepted. From then on, the lead shall convert to an active job and you may raise an invoice and get paid!

Given that you can send paperless quotations and get notified of when they have been accepted, you can spend additional time carrying out work that pays and less time chasing customers.

To view a step-by-step tutorial video of how to send a quote from the Smart App or the Smart Dashboard, just visit your QPro account and select ‘Tutorials’ on the lower left-hand side.