If you’ve just joined the NAPIT Keep Busy Scheme, you might be feeling a bit daunted at the idea of picking your leads on the Smart App. But it’s actually surprisingly simple – there are just 7 steps to picking a lead and calling the customer to arrange an appointment to quote for the work.

Follow our quick and easy guide below to start winning more work with the Keep Busy Scheme and the Smart App.

1. Load the Smart App, and if you’ve got any new job leads available tap ‘Your Job Leads’. You will see two tabs: ‘Available’ and ‘Received’.

2. The ‘Available’ tab shows all the leads you can pick. Tap on a lead to see the job description and first half of the postcode. Tap ‘Connect with Customer’ to pick the lead and get the full details.

3. You’ll see all the customer’s information in the ‘Received’ tab.

4. Tap ‘Show Map’ to see exactly where the customer’s property is.

5. Call the customer by tapping the ‘Call this Customer’ button.

6. The Smart App will give you options after the call. Tap ‘Callback Later’ and the app remind you to call the customer later.

7. Convert the lead into an active job by tapping ‘Got the Job’. Now you can go ahead and add your costs, write notes, send an invoice and get paid!

Top tips for winning work:

  • Don’t pick a job lead unless you will contact your customer – they will be expecting your call. If you decide that you can’t help the customer, call them to let them know. If you don’t they could leave you negative feedback.
  • Use the Smart App to pick leads on the go so you never miss out on an appointment.
  • Direct your customer to your Smart Reviews so they can see your great reputation.