If you have your own business, insurance is a must. You’re legally obliged to have employers’ liability insurance to look after your team. And you could need professional indemnity insurance too.

Why public liability insurance is important

Public liability insurance is optional, but it can be really worth the money. Here are 3 reasons why it’s essential for your business.

1. Peace of mind

The tiniest accidents can have big consequences. Even the highest qualified and most experienced professionals can make errors, and these can lead to expensive problems. Following health and safety recommendations always help, but they don’t make you immune to mishaps.

Public liability insurance protects your business and the people involved from accidents like this. Save yourself the worry and take out your public liability insurance policy now.

2. Financial protection

The main point of public liability insurance is to financially protect your business. If your work leads to a member of the public getting injured or their property getting damaged, sufficient public liability insurance should cover the cost.

It can be surprising how quickly claim costs can escalate. Make sure you’ve got public liability insurance to cover you if an accident happens and you’re faced with a pile of legal and medical fees.

3. Enhanced reputation

Having public liability insurance is often viewed as a sign of reliability. If you’re bidding on a large project, you might miss out on it if another business has better quality insurance. Homeowners also might avoid hiring you if they know you don’t have public liability insurance.

Having sufficient insurance sends all the right messages – that you’re a professional who knows what they’re doing and takes your customer’s needs and safety seriously.

At NAPIT Keep Busy, we think public liability insurance is so important that we require all our members to have it. Find out more about how joining NAPIT Keep Busy can help you maximise your marketing efforts and get more work here.