NAPIT Keep Busy Scheme

Powered by Quotatis

Has Launched…

Nationwide in 2017

NAPIT has teamed up with Quotatis to launch the Keep Busy Scheme. A package of tools and services to help you get extra work, improve your business and grow your online reputation, all for an affordable monthly fee.

What’s even better is that as a NAPIT Member, following your free 30 day trial, you’ll receive an exclusive NAPIT subscription discount.

NAPIT Keep Busy
Get Seen, Get Work, Get Organised and Get Paid with NAPIT Keep Busy,
powered by Quotatis

As a NAPIT member you can try a 30 Day Trial for FREE 30 Day Trial

Access all the features including unlimited local enquiries for 30 days FREE. Then move onto a weekly subscription for just £25 + VAT per week.

Latest News Posts

2601, 2017

Process Card Payments on the Smart App with Just One Bar of 3G

One concern about the Smart App that you can have is that if you’re on a job in the middle of nowhere and you just can’t get enough reception to get an internet connection, you won’t be able to use any of the functions of the app. Well there’s no need to be concerned! Smart App has an offline setting. […]

2601, 2017

Get Notifications when Customers Accept your Quotes

Recollect those times where you would have to chase your prospects to determine if they were pleased about your quote? Well, those times are over. Using the Smart App and Smart Dashboard, when a quote is sent by you the prospect receives an email with the details. […]

What our Members Say

I find Quotatis to be very professional in it's approach to delivering leads to customers with good accurate information and a good return rate. Happy to keep using them.
Kenneth Brownlee
KB Electrical
They set the industry standard for a very good supply of well qualified sales leads. The prospects know what to expect and we could not ask for this introduction to be any more qualified.
Craig Miller
Out of several marketing sources we have at our disposal I can honestly say you have provided our company with not only a healthy turnover, but with the quality of client provided is helping our company to grow at a nice rate.
Steve Brooks
The company’s 1st choice with online marketing. They focus on the company’s needs and will work in a manner that allows your business to grow in the right direction.
Peter Marsden
Managing Director